Wow: what is the best talent tree for a druid?

Posted on Июль 31, 2009. Filed under: wow |


hey i have a lvl 56 druid and my talent tree right now is feral but i want to know what are the other ones for.

( tell me what they are for)



For leveling I’d stick with feral, once you hit 80 then I’d consider your options.

At 80 feral is still more or less their best DPS tree. It’s a relatively difficult melee rotation but it’s currently doing some of the highest dps in the game.

Feral tanking is also pretty good. I don’t do much tanking but it seems to me that their ability to tank groups is a bit better than a warrior’s but that’s coming from limited experience.

Balance does respectable damage and gives a 5% spell crit buff to the raid as well as a 3% hit buff both of which are very nice for raid utility.

Restoration is always welcome. Druids make for very flexible healers with their one downfall being that they have somewhat limited aoe healing.


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