Yahoo Answers Rule Violations >.>?

Posted on Июль 30, 2009. Filed under: wow |


I Recently had 20 points removed for a question asking for a list of private servers for a game.( dont want to list which one might get banned or some crap >.> )

While at the same time there’s questions asking for WOW servers everywhere and none have been removed, nor had points removed.

I did not use foul language or anything like that.

Just a straight forward question.

Any ideas which invisible rule i broke that makes my post different front everyone elses?


It is just because of trolls(those who report your posts even not a violation… just for fun). That is also happening to me, but I always submit the appeal form(you can find it in the message of violation that yahoo has been send to your mail). And fortunately, I won.

Just appeal, and those who report you will lose their influence in YA, for them to be unable to report falsely again.

And also, privatize your profile:;_ylt…

Check «On my public profile, only show my Answers Network to my Contacts»

This is to tighten up your security.


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