Whe made out but he’s mad?

Posted on Июль 30, 2009. Filed under: wow |


This guy and i have been havin our eyes set on eachother for a while we went to the movies last night and at the end we decided to watch another movie lol! well this was a horror movie, saw -whatever # and i was mostly behind him covering my eyes finally he got up grabbed my hand and escorted me to the lobby where he hugged me and started talking to me, he grabbed a drink and he asked if i wanted to go back i said yes becuase i loved him, well 9\10 of the way through he hugged me and said wow your the sweetest person you actually watched the whole movie and kissed me on the cheek, we were on our way home when we saw our friends atthe park so we held hands annd made our way to them well we sat on the bench he «teased me» by moving my hair delecatly and rubbing his lips on mine when his dad called him aasking where in the movie we were he said the begining while looking at me and winked then he pulled out his ipod gave me on ear phone and he played kiss me by new found glory and then looked at me moved my hair once again and madeout, it was the best first kiss, on our way home he said why are you wearing that lip wring?? its weird and i said sorry, and he said well it hurts to kiss you and its a turn off,then he dropped me off he said bye and i said yep,



I don’t think he’s mad.. Sounds more like he’s just uncomfortable making out with you and feeling the ring at the same time.

I wouldn’t worry too much about it, just maybe not wear it the next time. 🙂


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