Why would certain games crash my laptop?

Posted on Июль 28, 2009. Filed under: wow |


Alright, I have a Dell Inspiron 1501. It’s just over 2 years old. I used to be able to play WOW, SIMs, and anything else I wanted on it without a problem. Now, when I go to play Key Quest on Neopets or SIMs 2, my computer crashes after about 15-20 minutes. It gives no warning and just turns off completely. Then it takes a few minutes before it will start up again. Any ideas? Nothing major has changed in the past 2 years. I didn’t install anymore games. I didn’t download anything funky.


Based on age of the laptop and the fact that this problem has developed with programs the computer could previously run without a problem, I’m thinking the likely cause is one of the following:

1. Overheating. Either the computer has built up enough dust to trap hot air in the computer or some of the fans that keeps the components cool has stopped functioning.

Way to test: Download a temperature montioring program such as SpeedFan and run it. Most of the programs give you a graphical indication of higher than normal temperatures.

If temps are high: Open up the computer case as best you can without dissassembling it too much and see if there is a considerable amount of dust. Use compressed air to blow out all the dust to get air properly circulating through the computer again. Close it back up & run the temperature monitoring software again. That might be enough to alieviate the crashes.

If not, it may need some of the system fans replaced which is a repair that is a bit beyond the scope of my answer.

2. Viruses or other malicious programs causing system instability.

Way to test: Run your computer through the programs detailed in this guide http://www.maximumpc.com/article/howtos/… If you turn up a lot of infections, that’s probably playing a part in the crashes.

If neither of the above leads to the cause of the problem, you might be looking at some manner of gradual hardware failure and may have to take it for service if you’re not comfortable resolving something like that on your own. I strongly recommend small local computer shops if at all possible as places like Geek Squad are both overpriced & devoid of highly skilled technicians despite their claims.


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