Double love triangle. Help!?!?

Posted on Июль 27, 2009. Filed under: wow |


Ok just fair warning, this is a long detailed question, but the more detail, the better an answer I hope to get.

Ok, lets start with Jesse. He is this boy I have known for almost 2 years. Then we wernt toghther, but we were an «item» if you will. Ok, well, during this time, I got a boyfriend, Allen, right? Ok, Well, during this relationship with Allen, I liked Jesse, but I had to keep pushing him away, even though he liked me too. Well, Allen and I have broken up, and Jesse and I still like each other, I know most people would call him stupid for ever still liking me, but he was the only guy who EVER decided to fight for me. Only thing stoping us from getting together is he is in the National Guard, and won’t be back untill Christmas. Now, yes i’m single, and happy, but it dosnt’ mean, I wouldn’t want him.

Ok, now there is this guy from work, his name is Alan, (not to get confused with the ex) but he is sweet, funny, and yes he is 10 years older than me, but im not on here to be lectured, im here for advice. So please just pay attention to the story. His personality is everything in a guy i’m looking for. But, anyways, him and I would get together, but if we did right now, then people would assume were having sex, even though i would never get the man in trouble, but yes i know people who would do so. but anyways, the only other thing stoping us is that he has a girl in Colorado, only she is married. But I know what its like to want someone who isnt yours, and whatever seh is to him, i respect that. i won’t come inbetween, or tear them apart. He tells me that he wont ask me out because he dosnt want to hurt me, because he might be moving to Colorado. And I thank him for that. But tonight he picked me up from work, and we kissed, and now i like him even more, and yea, i know it was just a kiss, but wow, a damn good one at that. So people, what do you think I should do, and seriously, not just leave emm both. thats the stupid answer.


Just wait and see. you might find your answer soon


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