Can you explain this?

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woman : Is it a small organization or what ? ?????what does it mean?( it means small company???)

man :I knew Sam did AOK -> WHAT DOES AOK MEAN?

w: he aced it

m: he knock it out the part ????<——— I don't know what it is.

w :how could you memorize financial statements going back five years. (speaking korean)

m: because he’s a nerd

w: wow , how can you memorize it , it is usually consists of figures ( speaking korean)

m: he’s a nerd

Sam’s good itusu ?????????what does it mean?????

w: good itusu what?

m: ah, we explain this a weeks ago CHECK THIS PLZ 9


A small organization = a small business or company.

A-OK is a slang expression meaning perfectly all right. It originated with the astronauts, and meant «All (systems are) OK (functioning perfectly).

«He knocked it out of the park» is a baseball term, meaning he hit the ball out of the ball park and made a home run. If you’re not talking about baseball, it means any action that results in a winning situation.

In the recording, the man says, «Sam’s a «goody-two-shoes.» (Only he says «goody-two-SHOE.)

A «goody-two-shoes» is a person who is self-righteously virtuous; who behaves as if their motives are always pure, in an effort to impress others. It describes Sam, who memorized all the financial statements going back five years, just so that he could make a good impression on the boss.

The expression comes from the main character in a children’s story from the 1700’s. She is an orphan, so poor that she only has one shoe. When a rich gentleman gives her a pair of shoes, she’s so happy that she keeps repeating that she has ‘two shoes.’ Eventually, because she is such a good person and a hard worker, she marries a wealthy widower.

If someone is called that, they’re being mocked for having behavior that seems a little too good to be authentic.


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