Twilight Fans: What did you think of the sneak peaks from the comic-con of the New Moon movie?

Posted on Июль 25, 2009. Filed under: wow |


I thought it was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING….

After seeing the sneak peaks I can’t wait now,,,, and the edward halucinationtions, wow!!!!

It look pretty good, and close to the book but who knows.


Please no rude comments, if you aren’t a fan your just wasting your time answering with critism cuz i won’t bother reading them


I actually thought it looked alright! Which I am suprised at, because I am a massive twilight fan, of the books. And when I saw twilight in movie form I really didnt think much of it. But New Moon looks as though it will be better!

I’m kinda dreading watching it though because I cried when I read in the book the bit where Edward leaves Bella and I was almost crying from like the 3 second clip of that scene in the trailer so I just know I’m gonna be tears haha.

I did, however, think the paper cut scene looks abit ott. I mean when the blood drops to the floor, I have never once had a paper cut that has bled that much haha!


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