Why do people find it necessary to criticize cultures that aren’t their own?

Posted on Июль 24, 2009. Filed under: wow |


Ok so basically I was born and raised in America but my family is originally from Pakistan. And there the culture allows you to marry your cousin and have that kind of relationship with your cousin. I’m not in love with my cousin or any thing like that but i just find it extremely annoying that people part of cultures that consider cousin marriage taboo deem it necessary to CRITICIZE the Pakistani culture. I mean just because something is Taboo and considered «disgusting» and «sick» in the US doesn’t fricking mean that it really is «disgusting.» That’s just how majority of pakistani kids are raised. Like we aren’t allowed to hang out with cousins of the opposite sex alone because it’s just like hanging out with any guy which is against our religion. And it’s like brainwashed into us that we don’t consider our cousins «brothers» or «sisters.» And I just think it’s really ignorant of people to go around and saying wow you’re gross or things like that because honestly the American culture isn’t necessarily the «best» or most «right» culture. Learn to accept other cultures. And if you’re gonna leave a comment that says something like that about the pakistani cultures… just don’t because it’ll just go to show how ignorant and narrow minded you are.


I agree with you but ignorance is bliss. People only want to accept what they understand. Anything that is different or outside their knowledge or experience is seen as a threat. I look for instance at the war in Iraq. How many Americans really know that culture and that Muslims aren’t all bad people. They have a very rich and beautiful culture. Although since it is different then their own they feel it easier to criticize then try to understand it. It is sorta like the world is surrounded by an iron gate. You can see who each other is but not interact with them. More so then anything though is when you are part of a minority group your exposure to that cultures beliefs and customs will be limited. Therefore prejudice and misunderstanding is likely to surface. The more integrated you are or exposure you have to those cultures the more likely you are to be open and accept those differences.


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