When playing WoW, I get tons of lag in Dalaran and high lvl dungeons. I added more memory but still choppy?

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I also updated my NVIDIA software. Sometimes its worse then when i started. What do I have to do to get smooth game play??


Doesnt appear you got that many quality answers.

There are a few options you can do to reduce «overall» quality of the graphics but yet it will still look fine.

First, keep the resolution at what works best for you computer.

Second, Reduce Anti-aliasing, Weather, Shaders and drastically reduce the distance at which you can view things. (Atleast in towns like dalaran)

The reason for doing this is simple, the less objects your computer is trying to render at one point is just that much more it can put to other things. dalaran is a compact town so everyone is pretty close.

Third, if the second step didnt work well or you need more, Lower your terrain particle down and reduce the glow effect options. Reducing spell detail also can help but that usually effects actual play, such as raiding.

If all of those options completely fail. Drop every setting to Low. Once there, start moving the options you like the best, up 1 click at a time until you are at a optimum effect that you want to see while playing.

hope this helps, i cant get on to check the other settings it gives you options for but those are the basics. Goodluck dude. (if all those fail, you might need a new graphics card)


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