What type of acne products should i use?

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ok so i NEVA brok out b4 but now WOW i am breaking out all ova da place so it is really bad around my nose chin and for head on my cheeks i get bumps and on my for head it starts as bumps but grow also my skin is getting REA LY oily im on a tight is budget so plz plz plz keep it cheapish ok so thx u so so much


First: Go & buy Neutrogena Grapefruit Facial Cleanser and Body Wash

Use the cleanser twice a day

Second: Visit your dermatologist

Everyone is different and your dermatologist will give you the

right cream for your face

Third: DO NOT TOUCH THEM, they will either get worse if you pick at them or you will create scars and pot holes all over your face. Even if you pick at one and it starts to bleed the blood clogs your pores to create even more pimples in that area. Once the pimple has a white head GENTLY with a tissue wipe over it, if the white comes off then youre good but if it doesnt do not keep wiping! Just be patient and wait.

Make sure to not touch your face so much with your hands and be sure you dont sleep with your head cradled in your hand (that could be why youre breaking out on your cheeks) You could also be breaking out because of sweat or your just at that age


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