LADIES help…more than a friend? im so so so confused?

Posted on Июль 23, 2009. Filed under: wow |


1. My crush was eating with a mutual friend. This friend asked her how she met me. She started to laugh/giggle and said «I first started talking to him because I thought he was a cute boy, then I realized he had a great personality.» My friend was like «wow, ____!(her name). She giggled/laughed some more and told him not to tell me she said this, even though I THOUGHT I had made it clear I like her. (calling her an angel, flirting, complimenting).

2. About a month before this, the same mutual friend, my crush and I went to a movie. Some of my crushes friends happened to be there too and while I was in the bathroom they told her they thought I was «hot» (ugh). Well, we were getting some ice cream after, and my crush suddenly goes «If any random girls start friending you on facebook, decline!» I was like «what? huh?» Then my friend said that some of her friends thought I was «hot,» to which my crush kind of looked down and the subject was changed..I asked her about it a month or so after, and she said she was joking.

But one day, she texted me about this girl (who most guys probably wouldnt think about dating) from the church we go to (which she invited me — she’s a devout Christian. she eve joked about it being a sign from God when she saw me sitting in her seat the first time i went) and she suggested i date her. i was like «wtf? that’s just confusing!» and she was like «well i know you know she likes you, so i thought it’d be cute if you liked her.» This all happened like a few days after she talked to my friend about thinking I’m cute and everything.


yeah it seems like she has a crush on you and is shy about it


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