Why should I play World of Warcraft?

Posted on Июль 22, 2009. Filed under: wow |


I have a Runescape account, but i’ve finally excepted the fact that World of Warcraft has a few good qualities. And also, i have an out-dated free trial for WOW that i got with the Starcraft Battle chest, will it still work. (lol, i can’t wait to see how many people answer this)


recovering WoW Addict here: definitely worth playing, and ive got like 4 million free trials so if you want a new code if yours has expired i can just email you one. Basically the grind to 80 is difficult but fun, especially if you know other people who play. lvl 80 is not as good as lvl 70, but i guess that’s not really something you need to think about yet. Just give it a try, do a bit of everything in the trial period so you can get a really good idea whether its your style or not. My friend plays runescape but hated WoW, but i was the opposite so don’t listen to others, decide for yourself!


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