New poem………………….?

Posted on Июль 20, 2009. Filed under: wow |


It’s time to go to bed

Cry yourself t sleep

Baby dry your eyes

But the thoughts your mind will keep

They’ll just come back tomorrow

Only then can you be sorrow

Now it’s time to wake

Your smile remains fake

Cut yourself just to get through the day

But they don’t see it, no attention they pay

Time to go to sleep again, cry and cry and cry

Then when you wake up, you refuse to try

Time to fake sick, and now you’re home from school

You think wow, he much really be a fool

Time to tie the rope, then pull away the chair

Too bad when they get home, they realize you’re not there

Time to burry your body, and let it rot in the ground

Time to be dead, but still no comfort you’ve found


ahhh bethany… another heart felt work. i read every one. i have been on that chair ride too. i am grateful for my friend duncan who kept an eye on me.talked me thru the worst times/

your poem is heart felt

a numness all pervading

i tried to use a belt

it broke and i was failing

i fell into myself alone

i walked to see a friend

i used the stinkin telephone

and a message i did send

now i feel much better

i have seen your poetic ire

i felt i must send this letter

and spark a small watch fire..

bright blessings… i hope the sun shines on you today tomorrow and the week after.

write another for me.

x puk


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