What Should I Add & What Do You Think Should Happen Next In My Own Episode of OHSHC?

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I’m writing my own episode of Ouran High School Host Club just for fun, and I need a little help with it. Here’s what I have so far.

Gin: So Kyoya I’m curious, from a stacle from 1 to 10 how do you put yourself as a true gentlemen?

(Kyoya takes a sip of tea/coffee then accidently burped as he talked)

Kyoya(burp): 8.

(Gin gives him a very disgust look as Kyoya acts in shock as he knew of what he just did)

Kyoya: It’s not what you think, really.

(Gin gets up)

Gin: With my scale, I’ll rate you to a 2.

(Gin walks away)

Kyoya: Gin wait!

(Kyoya sits there still in embarrassment, then Tamaki walks over)

Tamaki: Yes! That means I have more customers who will visit me.

Kyoya: Oh please Tamaki, it was just one small burp.

Tamaki: Small?! All the other countries heard you.

Kyoya: And Gin would probually forget about it in the next minute.

Gin’s Voice: He burped while he was talking to me, how rude was that?

(Tamaki gives Kyoya a smirk)

Tamaki: Oh yeah, all about it.

(Haruhi comes running to slap Tamaki across the face)

Haruhi: Left him alone sempai!

(Rubs his cheek)

Tamaki(to himself): She’s so cute when she’s angry.

Haruhi: I wouldn’t worry about it that much, Kyoya. I’m sure that everything will be all clear by tomorrow.

Tamaki: Oh Mommy will be known as «Burp Kong» before the end of tomorrow.

Haruhi: You know sempai if you keep on picking on Kyoya, something will happen to you.

Tamaki: What are you saying, Haruhi? Nothing bad will ever happen to the king.

(Kyoya laughs)

Kyoya: I will have to agree with Haruhi.

Tamaki: Don’t push it Mommy dear!

(Hunny and Mori come walking by)

Hunny: Hey Haru-Chan, what’s all the big fuss about.

Haruhi: Oh, Kyoya had a little embarrassing moment.

Tamaki(shock): LITTLE EMBARRASSING?! He’s scaring away the customers.

*one or two scenes happening*

(Gin comes over to Kyoya)

Gin: Kyoya, I notice little you did yesterday and..

(Kyoya gets a little nerivous, then Gin shines)

Gin: I over judged you by your belch and I’m really sorry.

Kyoya: That’s fine Gin. You know in some place, people take that means that they’re comfortable.

Gin: Wow.

(Haruhi smiles, Tamaki shows a little disappiontment)

Haruhi: See how well that worked out?

Tamaki: Yeah, yeah. He got one of his favorite customers back. (shines) Now to my own. See, nothing bad’s going to happen to me.

(Tamaki walks to his customers)

Tamaki: Now where were we girls?

Junko: Yeah, umm… we hear about this new methond.

Megumi: This methond is going through out the whole host club.

Tamaki: Well ladies, what is this methond that the whole host club is starting?

Reiko: It has something to do with a scale.

Tamaki: A scale? They how much I weigh?

Megumi: No silly. It’s more of a rating.

Tamaki: A rating huh?

Junko: Yeah. I’ll ask the question. From 1 to 10 how do you put yourself as a true gentlemen?

Tamaki: Oh my, umm…

(All three girls are in daze)

Tamaki: If I could go higher I would say-

(Tamaki farts, all the girls in the room are disgusted, Tamaki blushes)

Kyoya: And you were saying?

Haruhi: SENPAI !!! (Slaps Tamaki) I told you something bad would happen to you.

Tamaki: Ohhh well… uhh (sweats/blushing) you know, little accidents happen… uhhahaha… o.o

Haruhi: LITTLE? You call that accident LITTLE ?? All the other countries could hear you.

(Tamaki sits in his corner eating raman and hugging his Teddy Bear)

Kyoya: The host club is closing early today, everyone out.

*one or two scenes happening*

(Tamaki sits/lays, whatever you want to call it, on the sofa or loveseat in the room)

(Hikaru walks to one seat, and Kaoru walks to a seat beside it)

(Tamaki glares at them)

(They both like at him with a grin, pats their seats, then sits down)

(Tamaki continues to glare at them)

(Hikaru crack his own knuckles while Kaoru cracks his own neck, not the deadly way)

(Tamaki continues to glare at them)

(Kaoru looks at Hikaru)

(Hikaru make a loud fart noise with his hands as Kaoru started laughing)

(Tamaki runs away from them)

*To Be Continue*

So what do you think I should add and what do you think will happen next?

Note#1: Gin, Megumi, Junko, and Reiko are make-up. I found those names online.

Note#2: Please don’t get the wrong idea, I love Tamaki with all my heart.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE no rude comments and PLEASE be serious about your answer. Thank You.


yes, i think it is a fantastic oran host club episode!

you’ve don’t a great job with putting it all into a script. so i think you should add in some more things, i mean it all depends on where you want it to end. they could appologize to Tamaki, and maybe then he will admit that he isn’t much of a gentleman after all, and gives himself a low score. or if you want it to go another way, then some of the characters might stay mad a Tamaki. maybe hikaru and Tamaki get into a fight, or they are just mad at each other for a period of time. then maybe they will come back together in the end. maybe the girls appologize and say that they still want to be friends, or they could get into a fight. but then Kaoru and Hikaru break it up, and the girls admit that they still want to be friends with Tamaki. i really like the way you started this fanfic episode, it gives a lot of ideas for how it might end! its a wonderful episode, i hope you find a way to create a great ending! 🙂


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