Wow, is messing up during play time?

Posted on Июль 15, 2009. Filed under: wow |


i was playing with 2 of people, and i froze, i went to log off and it said «you are too far away», i couldnt talk, the other 2 were just standing there, like there was a little movemet like water was moving and stuff, but i couldn’t do anything, and i dont know how to turn off wow, without logging off so i restarted my computer, next time i died, froze up i just saw my body lying there and couldnt do anything, next time, right after, couldn’t talk to anyone or see what they were saying, logged off that time…thank god, then i logged in again and at the screen, that says enter world didnt have any addons at the left and when i entered world no arrow, or quests, my quests were still in my log thingy but……what the hell is going on.


Hmmm, that’s an interesting problem and it just seems like your computer is overloading. I can’t really help you out with that, but if you want to close WoW without turning your whole comp off, try hitting Alt+F4 (this may close the WoW window). If that doesn’t work, try opening Task Manager by hitting Cntrl+Alt+Delete. There you can «End Process» WoW.

Hope that at least helps. Also, make sure your addons are up to date or not turned on.

Good Luck.

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