Need advice! Newborn Car Seat & Stroller Question?

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I am 28 weeks pregnant and wow there is so much to figure out before the baby comes….

I’ve pretty much decided against the Carseat & Stroller Travel System and I’m going to get a Graco Snugride with the Snap & Go Stroller — the frame where you can just snap the carseat in instead of having the heavier full stroller.

My question is this…should I pay the extra $50+ and get the carseat that goes up to 32 lbs? This means the baby would still be in his carseat stroller at that weight, or should I just get the carseat that goes up to 22 lbs which means when he reaches 22 lbs I will need a new carseat and he will go into a regular stroller?

I’m not sure which one is best, because either way I’ll end up having to buy a new carseat and stroller anyway, the 32 lb limit carseat just delays it a bit. Would a 22-32lb baby be content to sit in a carseat stroller or would they be better off in a regular one where they can sit up straight or recline all the way?

Good grief I may be making this too big of a deal but there is so much to know (can you tell, first time mom!) Thanks for your help!


Go with whichever one you feel comfortable with.

We had the safe seat(32lbs seat) and I hated it!! It ws good at the beginning but then it just got heavier as baby got heavier! It was larger than the 22lbs carseat and we had a hard time fitting it in our car. (we have a stupid car anyway!)

By the time my little guy was 17 pounds I started taking him out of the carseat in the car, without the carseat.

I do know what you are going through tho! We ‘agonized’ over the ‘right’ carseat and stroller. In the end we got the safeseat with a jogger.

LOVE IT, except looking back, we didn’t need the safeseat!

That’s my 2 cents!


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