My Harry Potter Obsession… HELP!?

Posted on Июль 15, 2009. Filed under: wow |


Oh wow. I’m Harry Potter addicted. It changed my life. I’ve read all the books, and watched all the movies up to now. I’m even pissed that I can’t watch the Harry Potter premiere tonight at 11:59pm, but I’m going on Thursday with my friends. So like I was saying… Harry Potter is like my life. When I go into a room, I saw lumos, even it doesn’t work… I try to apparate when I don’t feel like walking, I frequently say «Avada Kedavra» or «Crucio» to people I despise, When I want something I say «Accio», instead of saying WTF or WTH or whatever, I say, «Bloody hell!» I pretend my blanket is an invisibility cloak, I call the teachers I hate Snape or Umbridge, I use J.K. Rowling’s kind of language, like instead of saying «think» i say «reckon». etc etc etc. Shall I go on? No need. So… I just need help… How can I get over my «Obsession»? I LOVEEE HARRY POTTTERRR. 🙂 ❤


Stay with Harry Potter as long as you can. It is an amazing series and I don’t see why you would stop. 🙂


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