My poop is always corn!? why?

Posted on Июль 13, 2009. Filed under: wow |


Please help me. I have a fecal matter I need to resolve here.

i smell corn

I have a spinach quiche, and when I go dookie I see…CORN!

I eat a green salad with tomato soup and wheat bread, and as soon as I’m on the ivory throne….CORN!!

I have steamed broccoli, a cup of soup & crackers, and I see……CORN!!!!

Beans. Rice. Ice Cream. Yogurt. COOKIES. CAKE….IT ALL TURNS TO CORN! CORN!! CORN!!!!

I can’t take this anymore. WHERE IN THE FRIGGIN HECK IS THIS CORN COMING FROM!!?? DAMN YOU C**N!!! (I don’t even want to say it, I’m so freakin pissed about my poop right now)

Hay wait a minute…hasn’t [that stuff] been touted throughout the centuries to be the «food of the gods»? Could this possibly be the gods’ way of telling me I’m one of them? OMG…AM I A CORN-GOD!!??? Am I supposed to be up in the higher spiritual planes planting spiritual corn so it can manifest on this physical level of existence? («as Above, so below» as they say). Wow. It kinda makes sense actually. I’ve always told such corny jokes. I enjoy music by Korn. I’ve always wanted to visit Cornwall in England.


yes, you’re a corn god.


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