Quick Labour, anyone?

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hi to all my contacts and anyone else that reads my question, Just a little news…….i posted a question on sat eve on how terrible things are after being robbed by some woman while heavily pregnant and literally just about to pop… well later that day i went shopping with my mom and sis and went out for supper and had a lovely rest of the day, got home around 9 and spent a little time with my hubby, we got into bed around 11 and 2 mins later the mother of all contractions hit me, i was screaming for dear life from the word go, Im into natural so the words that came out of my mouth were like cuss words, EPIDURAL!!!! it hadnt even been 2 mins and the next one hit, i was rudely thrown into the peak of labour with no warning or sign, although i had been having contractions for 2 weeks that were stronger than braxton hicks so even in-between these nasty pains i thought is this really it? I poured myself a huge hot bath and let my hubby sort out or little boy, i had another couple of contractions in that time, very close together, the words that came out my mouth consisted only of mother f cker (sorry) i felt like pushing in the bath so we rushed to the hospital when we walked in the door i demanded something for the pain, they laughed and said they first need to see if im acctually in labour and then call the doctor…….. until they got me to the room and heard the scream that came from me, i went to the bathroom and had the pain of all pains with my hubby holding me up and my water burst open right there on his new shoes…….. only then did the mid wife realize this was serious.. she tried to rush me to the labour room and i would not budge… i tried to bite anyone who came near me to move me, i wanted to have the baby right there, inbetween contractions i was pulled to the labour room then i refused to get on the bed, i wanted to stand or kneel, they were having none of that, so on the table eventually and straight into pushing, no gynae to be seen, everytime i pushed the mid wife did something with her hand down there and it distracted me as i told her to move her had as my contraction got to the peak, it threw me off, they were trying to sort the medication and everything while this was happening and the mid wife had to run out, i took my chance right there only my hubby standing next to me and no hands in the way i gave the mother of all pushes and out she popped my hubby actually caught her, wow it was all over and i was relieved, at 11, 40 our little girl was born, Geus how long we were at the hospital before she popped out? 10 mins!!!!

it wasnt over yet…. after baby was out the damage was assesed and i had severe tearing due to the rapid decent of the baby, i tore inside and outside and had to get more than 20 stiches… i was not happy, after going through child birth i still had to get stiched up 😦 but to tell you the truth i had an episiotmy with my son i only got 5 stiches and it was on thick perinium skin even with such a severe tear it is not half as painful as the cut they gave me with my son, its just in a better place and on thinner skin, even though its severe i am glad i wasnt cut,

the following morning my little girl and i were discharged she wasnt even 10 hours old yet and we were home already and have been doing great 🙂

thanks for all the advice and friends ive made on yahoo,

anyone else had such a quick birth? this was 40 mins in total from beginning to end,


oh my goodness hunni.

i did see ur facebook and thought u may have had her but wasnt sure, oh im so pleased for u that after everything u went through and even through the sticthes that u are both doing well.

awww im really really pleased for u all xxx enjoy hun and dont 4get to let us know how u are all doing xxxxxx

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