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So I met him at around christmas time and it began to get more serious and we text a lot, every few days and met at weekends when we were free. Its very confusing because he always says he likes me so much, porbly too much. He left for New York a month ago and before he left he text me «I love you» I didn’t text back because I thought wow thats a bit much… He didn’t text me for 2 weeks so I decided to text him and he messaged me and I told him I miss him and he told me he misses me a lot. Since then I have been texting him but he doesn’t reply, he doesn’t reply to my comments on bebo and I added him on facebook yesterday and he accepted but didn’t comment or anything. He hasn’t contacted me in about a week and Ive sent him about 4 or 5 texts. Hes not coming back for another 2 months. What to do? I feel like I text or comment him again I will look needy but the longer we go without contact the more I feel the relationship will fal apart.


I know that it is really tempting and extremely hard, but don’t text or message him for a while. Everytime a text or messages comes up from you he knows that you are still around; he knows that you aren’t going anywhere. Maybe once he sees that you aren’t paying him as much attention he will realize it and make contact with you.

However, as much as you might like this guy, you need to be honest with yourself. Right now he is away; he isn’t responding to any of your texts or messages, yet he is still keeping you in his life (like adding you to facebook, but not commenting). He has the power in the relationship right now. He can decide when he wants to text or call while you are waiting around. Take some of the power back. You have already tried to contact him — now it’s his turn. In the meantime, go out and have some fun with your friends — I’m sure that is exactly what he is doing. Don’t let him stop you from having a life. You are truly only young once. Enjoy it and know that things will work out the way they are supposed to.

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