If you are serious about dancing, you will answer this question.?

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does anyone else understand what it takes to be a real dancer?

a bunch of people from my school dance at amature places like (sorry to affend you) class act and dance connection. (please no hate comments, just hear me out here.) and they say, my life is dance. i love dance. and they may, its not my life.

my best friend who dances once a week hip hop at dance connection. (and by the way i dance ballet 4 nights a week at a dance acadamy since i was 5 and i love dance with all of my heart and i intend to spend my life dancing.) my best friend wanted to enter a dance contest. i said dance freestyle. she couldn’t even do it… and shes the one who takes hip hop. she said you do it. i said i don’t even dance hip hop. and then, i know i am a true dancer because i was not only making up moves as a go, bt i was putting them all together. and same with ballet, i don’t make up moves, you can’t really, but i can freestyle for as long as i would want to, and that makes a true dancer, am i right? the reason i can do that and make up moves is because all dance evolved off of ballet.

what i am trying to say is, what can i say to prove that? for a while my motto was

it takes an athlete to dance, but an artist to be a dancer.

no one even got the phrase! and whoever did, was like, yeah. i’m a dancer.

even if you don’t give me a phrase or anything, just share your feelings about this. i really just wanna know i’m not alone on this.


do you agree in ballet, that it should count more for doing one simple move perfectly and elegantly than just pulliing off amazing moves like crap? what can i do to get ppl to see that? i get made fun of by ppl who see me dance cuz they say, wow. you should stop making that easyness such a big deal cuz i could do that. they could not! ballet takes amazing core muscles and perseverence. help!


I totally agree with you. Although I don’t do ballet ( I have Irish Danced for five years) I have seen professional recitals and anyone with eyes should be able to see howmuch work, time, and effort it takes to get anywhere. On TV they will see sports like football, let’s say, and they will say something like » Oh that player is amazing, it must have take years to pull off that pass!» and when they see dance they say something along the lines of «Hmm, that was nice» even though , in truth, it takes so much more than just talent or muscle to be a great dancer. Something I live by is:

«You either make yourself miserable or you make yourself strong, the amount of work is the same.»

My favorite is one that I made up (at least I think I did)

«Anyone can do the moves, but it takes a real dancer to make them mean anything.»

Also, I get teased sometimes like «You’re not even Irish». I hate it the most though when people make fun of the dance style itself by playing around and laughing and shouting «Look I’m a lepprachaun!» or some crap like that. Any type of dance, Irish dance included, take so much work and effort and people treat it like trash. Keep dancing and if your ‘friends’ can’t understand why you dance or how much it takes then just do a simple move and see if they can do it as well as you. It should teach them that dance isn’t as easy as it looks.

PS Don’t pay attention to the people who are calling you stuck up or whatever, because all I see is confidence. 🙂

PPS Sorry for the long answer.

5 years of competetive Irish Step Dancing.


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