WOW Question- New User?

Posted on Июль 4, 2009. Filed under: wow |


I just bought WOW and don’t know if I should be a Horde or an Alliance, which is better and why? Also I don’t know what realm I’m suppose to pick.


«the Horde always, ALWAYS wins against the Alliance. They never lose. » This isn’t true, both sides do well depending on the battlegroup. But even then its not always one side winning.

I would suggest looking at all the races and classes, then choose which one you think will be fun or cool, as both factions are similair and you won’t find much of a difference.

As for the realm i would suggest a pvp realm, contrary to the belief of players on «normal» realms, it is just as easy to learn the game on a pvp realm, plus more fun! It also makes a bit more sense in the game that you should be able to attack a member of the opossing faction whenever. And not magiclly not be able to, just cause he’s not marked for pvp…


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