How can i purposely get ip banned on neopets?

Posted on Июль 2, 2009. Filed under: wow |


i keep going back from game to game and i want to ban myself from neopets so i can stay playing one game and not keep switching to playing another between neopets and adventure quest.i cant make up my mind which game i want to play.and now i just want to ban myself from playing neopets for good.i cant control myself and have better things i could be doing.but i have too many accounts,despite the fact its against the rules to have more than 5 accounts.i keep other email adresses too.

i dont want to play any type of games done with games.i dont want wow or gaia online or any other game.i dont want runescape.I DONT WANT TO PLAY ANY TYPE OF GAME AT ALL PERIOD.I HAVE BETTER THINGS IN LIFE TO DO.

also i dont want to self-delete all my accounts,i know there is a link but i dont want to just delete my accounts.i have too many and can always go back and make more if i just delete my accountxs.and i dont remember all of my accounts because i have different emails.

i want tnt to ban my complete ip address.i am the only one in my family who plays neopegts so it should be completely safe.

how can i get them to ban my ip address so i can be free and play sports….neopets was addicting like runescape.but i dontwant to plahy any type of game.

all i want to know is how to PURPOSELY ban my ip address.and how to do it where all my accountss will be deleted and blocked from me.i am not giving any of my Acccounts away.

but any ideas?


i havent been on neopets in ages, so i cant remeber exactky how to do it. but there is a rullebook, just break the rules as many times as you can.

sorry i can’t be of more help.


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