Can the razer copperhead mouse be used with WOW?

Posted on Июнь 30, 2009. Filed under: wow |


I have been researching razer products and have found many good results. I really like the copperhead but i have one problem. On the website it says that it is used for FPS games. Other mice say that they are used for all games. I am planning on using my new mouse to play World of Warcraft. Idk if that means that it can only be used for that type of game or if it is just a suggestion for what it SHOULD be used for. please help me out =/


The reason as to why Razer mice are preferred for first person shooter games, is because of the high resolution modes that some FPS gamers need/want. This is more for precision aiming, because the high resolution translates in to better sensitivity.

Although, you can have the resolution adjusted to less in the Razer driver option menu if you find it too sensitive. (at least I believe so) So yes, to answer your question, it is *Preferred* for first person shooters, but it can be for everyday use and on a multitude of games. Not just first person shooters.

A mouse is a mouse.

Final thoughts. The Copperhead is a bit outdated though. Optical mice still are good choices, but…you can opt for a laser mouse. Which have greater dpi. Like around 2000dpi or more.

Optical mice I think max out at around 1800-2000 dpi.

Although, if you do not play a multitude of fps games and find that you need to use that sniper rifle to take out that guy that has been pissing you off from excessive camping with his sniper rifle…then, really…you do not need a high resolution laser mouse.


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