People with spirit guides, dont you think that is something you should keep quiet about?

Posted on Июнь 29, 2009. Filed under: wow |


We had this lady over our place one time (she came over often), to pick up my step boy. She seems like a nice normal person. One day while talking in the kitchen, my wife happened to mention that I am part Native American cheerokee. The lady turned and looked at me and said «Wow, my spirit guide is a native American princess». Now….. WHAT THE HELL am I supposed to say to that??

If it was her friend I could have asked questions like «Cool, so how is it going for her?» or «does she still speak the language?». But no, its a damn spirit guide.

I was in shock and I had no idea how to respond to that. what should I have said? something like «WOW, maybe she knows my invisible 7 foot tall talking rabbit friend?»

Honestly, doesn’t a small voice inside your head say «Hey, maybe you shouldn’t say that out loud, people may not understand». some spirit guide,


i’ve been native my whole life and raised in the culture. the ONLY people i ever hear talk about a spirit guide is white people..wannabes. someone must have written a few books talking about spirit guides and now they all think they have one…and a native one at that! funny thing is, all their spirit guides speak english! go figure…never heard anyone say their spirit guide is talking to them but they don’t understand the language. no one ever has a polish spirit guide either..why? never heard anyone say their spirit guide is asian. always native. and they think that makes us connected. umm no..makes you be seen for what you are…weird.

whenever anyone comes at me with the whole native american princess thing i just tell them cool…i have a gr gr gr grandmother who was a white canadian princess, but i can’t prove it.

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