Did you lose respect for Mayweather Sr. by his behavior towards Hatton, and his behavior after RIcky was HURT?

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Personally, I used to LOVE FLOYD JOY! I honestly thought he was what boxing needed. I also thought he was a great trainer, and would help Hatton out. I even shrugged off how DISRESPECTFUL it was for him to go through the drive thru when he was late as ****. But ok, after Hatton was brutally knocked out, and in obvious trouble, ******* MAYWEATHER IS TAKING PICTURES AND SIGNING AUTOGRAPHS! He never once checked on ricky, and rather than walking out HEAD HELD HIGH like hatton did after recovering, he chose to cowardly exit off stage, AFTER he was done enjoying his publicity WHILE HATTON’S HEALTH WAS IN SERIOUS JEOPARDY! THIS piece of **** never even checked on hatton in the hospital… and supposedly, has NEVER EVEN CALLED HATTON ONCE! after the match. And, the fact that his little TOOTHLESS CRACKHEAD looking brother Roger was being so disrespectful on 24/7 saying how hatton should burn all his boxing **** or whatever.

AND THEN, mayweather takes no blame for the loss, and rather just says Ricky needs to retire. WOW! A man that I first had so much respect for, and I found to be funny and highly entertaining, just lost all my respect, and hopefully everyone elses. He should never be allowed to train again……

I personally think that the man just used ricky as a payday, and he could have cared less about hatton the entire time. which is so ****** up, because hatton treated the man like family and REALLY LIKED MAYWEATHER!


Wow If that’s true about Floyd Sr.never even calling Ricky after the fight then that’s completely disrespectful. After Ricky was knocked out He left the arena so I had no idea where anybody in his camp went.

As Funny as I think Roger Mayweather is that comment about Hatton burning his equipment is Funny but like you said disrespectful to Ricky and to Manny. The Mayweather’s are great at Talking Trash too sell a fight. I like Floyd Mayweather but when he made comments about Oscar Dela Hoya having kids out of wedlock and having a rape case agents him that was totally out of line.

The only thing I disagree with you about is Mayweather taking the Blame for the loss. Floyd Sr. doesn’t lace up the gloves so there for he isn’t responsible for Hatton losing. When Ricky comes too the corner Floyd Sr. says «Keep Your Hands Up» «You have too faint before you come in» «Stop trying too over Power him» and he was RIGHT. As far as I can see Floyd gave him the right «Game Plan» now rather Ricky listens too that or not isn’t his fault.

Sometimes I get the Feeling that Hatton fans don’t want too except that fact that he was beaten. When he lost to Mayweather Jr. a lot NOT ALL of the Blame got placed on Joe Cortez. Then When he losses too Pacquiao some feel the need too blame Floyd Sr. Its nothing wrong with Losing too Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao Both guys are P4P some of the Best of this era.


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