Could you help? anyone has experience with taurus or you are an taurus? i just post it but nobody anwer it yet?

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my taurus guy called me last night and told me that he was leaving tomorrow to visit his mom( she is not in good condition) and will call me sometime during the trip. and he has been worring a lot about her and so he finally made it. so, i asked him like:» when are you coming back?’ he went like» i do not know, i just want to spend time with her. why you are asking this question? i am not going to see you this weekend, you know that, right?» then i was like» wow, i guess i asked the wrong question.» he was like» yeah, you did. i just want you to tell me that i am glad that you could spend somtime with you mom and take care of her and show some compassion and be sensible.» oh, god, he thought that the intention of asking this question is to see when we can hang out but that is not my intention at all, i am just asking this in general. wow, he is so defensive, actually, he is always like that. I appologized immediately even though i did not think it matters that much but he said that he does not want to talk about it. but anyway, i texted him this morning and wished him safe trip but he did not return the text( it is fine as he does not like to text), but should i worry too much about it? what do i need to do? just let it go or need to explain myself again? please give me opinion..


I’m a taurus. We are protective of our families, and yes we are moody and stubborn. We’re very grounded and down to earth. He was traveling back to his roots, to see his flesh and blood, and your question made him defensive, probably because it came off like you didn’t care..I’m not saying you didn’t, but at the moment he had more important things to worry about, and you asking when is he coming back, he felt pressured and upset because he needs time and when we taurus’s care about something, we can’t go by a time frame, we go by our emotions.

It’s good you wished him a safe trip etc. and don’t worry about him not texting you back, he’s probably too preoccupied.

When he does come back, first thing you should do is ask about his mom. Is she okay? How is she doing? reaffirm that her doing well is great. He will see that, by you caring for her, you also care for him, and that will make him feel wonderful. Be compassionate, tell him you know how much his mom means to him and how nice he is helping her out. Maybe then ask what kinds of stuff they use to do together? What great memories do they share? Save the stuff about you for later, he will ask. Just show him how loving you can be.

good luck


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