Should I change my talent points in WoW on my lvl 30 lock?

Posted on Июнь 25, 2009. Filed under: wow |


I have a lvl 30 lock and all my talents are in demonology, my voidwalker is a good tank but neither me or my void are good dps, im thinking about changing my talents into destruction but with out my void as a tank i would die easily because my lock is very fragile, what do you think is best for leveling a lock, what do you suggest?


not destro, that’s for raiding.

Demo and affliction are both good leveling specs.

I leveled as demo to about 60. My VW had like 17k hp or something and could hold up against 3 or 4 mobs easy. (Plus u get the felguard only in demo and he kills much faster than your VW.)

Then i went to affliction, and i was able to kill FAR faster, but if i accidentally pulled too many, i was done.

So it’s up to you. One good thing about affl though is that if u happen to run a dungeon, you are far more helpful than as demo.

And remember, locks want STAM, not int. I see so many locks gearing up like mages. Your VW gets your stam bonus and u use life tap/drain life to keep your HP up.


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