How should I feel about this?

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There is this boy who I really like who also feels the same way about me. He is very attractive, smart, and has a nice sense of humor. Base on what his friends tell me he had liked me since 9th grade. So basically he had like me for 2 years and 9 months and never told me. But from what I’ve known he only liked me for 9 months this school year. He would do like ANYTHING to get my attention and all his friends will always mention him to me. They all tell me I should talk to him but I’m too shy for that. And he’s in the same boat as me. He puts more effort than me in trying to let me know that he likes me than I do. Also i’ve never seen him flirt with a girl before. My friends told me he never had a girl and he wants me to be his first. I mean HE’LL do anything to grab my attention and they call me his wifey.

Even a teacher asked me what I thaought about him infront of the boy I liked. I just smile and turned my head around and did not answer. One time he was playing handball with his friends and the handball hit me on back of my head while i was listening to my ipod but softly and he was like «im sry baby» Wow never expected that come from his mouth… he’s a serious guy and he’s also nice. His friends would call me mrs (his last name) he would also tell his friends to push their desk to mines and then he’ll defend me in aplaying manner grabbing his friends both arm saying «what’s your problem?» XD someone then told me the boy i like told him to do it on purpose and ti happens severals time xD people call me his name. people call him my name. He STARES at me alot. And he can talks to other girls normally but me. The only word he ever said to methis school year was «canI borrow your pen?» 🙂 hehe One time I walked bu him and he called me «beautiful thinking i didn’t hear him infront of his friends Everytime i walk pass him everyone has their eyes on me and him…

What does it show? Does it mean I have something he never saw in a girl that he likes me. Because he never had a girl and he’s is so good looking. my friends tell em he’s to shy to confrot me but he gives me signals. Should I feel special?


He is a shy person, there is nothing wrong with that, and — if you want my advice, give him a chance, he sounds like a good guy. With him, approach him alone, or, if he is not alone, then ask if you can have a word with him, then, tell him straight — do you want to go out some time, discreetly of course. Aww, I feel bad for him, ask him out.


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