If you are happily married today- do you regret at all the amount of money you spent on your wedding?

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Though you are very happily married, do you regret spending a sizable amount of money on your wedding day? Or do you look back at it without regret?

(IF you did spend 10k, 30k or more on you wedding)

My fiance and I have budgeted and we feel that (with some hard work and sacrifice) we can afford 18k on our wedding day. It’s been difficult to keep it under that amount, it actually seems too small. YET, $18k is a LOT of money…it’s a car, it could go toward a house, investments/ retirement. Sometimes it seems like- WOW, we’re actually going to scrimp and sacrifice for over a year AND than spend 18k on one day?

I am torn actually…and the wedding industry doesn’t help. So, hopefully you guys can shed some light here. Do you think it’s money well spent (I hope you do) OR do you kind of regret spending so much (if that’s the truth- so be it)

ALSO- please only answer the question. PLEASE do not use this as opportunity to judge and insult me.


Wife and I married in our thirties, so we knew what we wanted and it was 90% our bill. We did not use a «wedding factory» as those places are all the same, boring and exspensive considering what you get. We rented a historic house, hired a top caterer, and spent $$ on snack foods, bands, music and liquor. Twenty years later — almost — its still talked about as one of the best parties — and that’s what we wanted — not the stuffed shirt, scripted event — but a party. We spent tons on snacks throughout the day and night and had a crappy «dinner» — since no one eats the dinner if they have the choice. We had carving stations, waiters w trays of stuff all day and night. Wedding started w service at 2 pm — ended around 2 am. We also spent major on transport as we provided transportation for about half the guests back to the hotel after the wedding.

We had serious coin, and spent it. Worth every penny, but only if (in my opinion) you are stepping away from same old, same old.

Dollar amount — about a years salary


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