I’m getting bored of my binoculars, I want a telescope?

Posted on Июнь 20, 2009. Filed under: wow |


I just bought a pair of binoculars last week, they are 10×50 Orion’s. I’m already bored because there’s nothing really in detail, only the moon, it was amazing to look at, but nothing else really is.

I want to see some details and some colors and things that will make me go wow.

I have about $500 I could spend on a telescope but I don’t know anything about telescopes and there seems to be alot of different types


If you haven’t used your binocular to look at th Milky Way or deep sky objects, then you haven’t begun to use it properly. I can spend _hours_ with a binocular under a dark sky! Maybe you don’t have the patience for astronomy.

Here are a few web pages with good information on beginner’s telescopes:




For more advanced information, read Phil Harrington’s Star Ware, 4th edition (Wiley).

You’ll get the greatest value for your money with a Newtonian reflector on a Dobsonian mount, such as these:



Buy from a store which specializes in telescopes and astronomy, either locally or online; don’t buy from department stores, discount stores or eBay as mostly what they sell is junk. Find your local astronomy club and try out different telescopes at one of their star parties:



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