Will this laptop run WoW on at least medium settings?

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Ok I’m sorry but I’m on an ipod and it’s crashed the last 3 times I finished typing this question and it won’t finish the link. Will anyone who plays WoW tell me if this laptop will run wow on at least medium settings. Please go to walmart.com and search the Toshiba 15.4″ l305-s5926 it’s the $478 one. It looks like it will work with wow but I need a second opinion so please look, if it will work will it run on at least medium settings? WoW is World of Warcraft in case you didn’t know


You may be able to do it and run the game on average 15-20 fps and max at 25-30 fps. That means there will be some lag! You have 2 gb of ram, and that is shared with the video adapter. There is not a dedicated GPU (graphics processing unit) but instead a chip that runs and eats up the CPU. If there was a dedicated GPU it would not eat up CPU. You also don’t have any dedicated video ram, which isn’t required but helps to speed things up. If you want a cheap computer that can run that on medium settings I would recomend an ASUS laptop. They have been designing laptops for HP Compaq, and a few Toshibas for quite a while. Now they are manufacturing their own, and they’re new into doing that. The laptops are solid, but they are very inexpensive because ASUS is trying to build some reputation. I own the G50VTx5 it can run WoW on high settings, but it cost 900.

Bestbuy has three tiers of Asus laptops Cheap, cheaper, and cheapest, cheapest being like 600 bucks and it can run wow. Right now they are limited to a few stores, because they are going to put in the new model soon, for around the same price. In the meantime you can check out this laptop. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.as…

I own an asus laptop, and play wow on it, as well as many other games.


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