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This past year was my first year of college. The first day of calculus class I spotted a really cute guy, Adam. Black hair and blue eyes (always has been my favorite), and I sat silently behind him for a few weeks. The day before our first test we both were at my professors office hours, and after we left, he asked me and this other girl if we would want to study with him and we said yes and he got our numbers. I was so excited. So we studied that night, nothing special. A few days later, I decided to text him and say «If you ever want to work on homework together let me know, because I am having a hard time.» and he replied «YES.» So we started studying together, awkward at first but then we began to talk more and got more comfortable. We carried this on throughout the semester, 3 nights a week we’d do homework. But as time passed we ended up talking and watching videos and flirting more than we ever studied. It would take us 3 hours to do what should have only taken 1 hour.

As we became even more comfortable with each other, he’d send me text messages about us having sex, and I always just treated it as a joke and played along. We would have the funniest conversations and were always playfully picking on each other. Tons of witty banter. One night he just looked down my shirt, and then that became a regular thing. He’d blatantly look down my shirt, i didn’t mid so i wore v-necks. Then i started going to his apt and he’d be even flirtier, he’d grab my butt, we’d basically cuddle on his couch and watch tv (we were always supposed to be studying when we hung out) and one night he even invited me to sleep in his bed. But the weird thing was, this carried on ALL SEMESTER AND HE NEVER EVEN KISSED ME OR ANYTHING.

I was so in love with him, and after christmas break I wrote to him on facebook (cowardly, i know) and told him how i felt. It took him a week to respond with «wow thats so sweet of you…idk what to say.»

It was awkward at first but we started talking again, He even asked again, «when are we gonna F***?»

since then, we’ve still been texting, he talks to my little sister, we went shopping, he’s invited me places like twice but i’m never able to go cause he asks at the last minute, he makes songs on his computer and sends them to me, i feel like he likes me in some ways, but at the same time he’s never even kissed me.

UGH what is up with this? it’s been a whole year and i still can’t get over him! and now i kind of see him around with this other girl. i’ve also heard that he is a womanizer. but why has he done all this, and not made a move on me?


Well Eleanor, it sounds like this guy is kinda into you. And it seems like you’re way more into him than he is to you. If it’s been a whole year and he hasn’t even kissed you yet AND you’re seeing him with this other girl a lot, he might not be super into you. I know it hurts but sometimes you gotta find another dude. It might seem like time wasted but I kinda just went through the same thing. And TRUST ME, its better to get out sooner than waste more time. But hey, do what feels right to you. Hoped this helped.

— «T»


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