Why do all of u people play Wow? Do you think Maple Story is fun?

Posted on Июнь 18, 2009. Filed under: wow |


I mean like, Maple Story is a whole lot fun, it may not be 3-D, but why would u wanna spend $15.00 a month when u can save up for like a wii or more video games. My oppinion is that WoW is a waste of cash


maple story is a fun side scroller but if you really want more of the MMO experience WoW is the ticket. 15 bucks a month (equilavent to a $3.75 a week) guarantees you the best MMO RPG experience out there. There is so much interaction in WoW and so many accounts that blizzard provides servers running 24/7 with bandwidth capabilities even the military would be jealous of.

WoW for many is a small little getaway from reality but whatever you do please….PLEASE. try to get some fresh air out there. I knew someone who dropped out of college, ate chinese food 24/7 and didn’t show for weeks because he wanted to level up his warlock.

SImple and short,

previous experiences. check out http://www.blizzard.com for all the latest details from what you can experience with WoW.


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