Is 6’1″ not that tall for a white guy anymore?

Posted on Июнь 16, 2009. Filed under: wow |


I’m a guy who just turned 20. I’m a little over 6’1″ tall and I have always been told by others that I’m a really tall person. However, yesterday I was forced to go with my mom to a very large city. I hate going into crowds so I have not really been in a big since I was very yong. When I got there the first thing I noticed were just how many people that were the same height or taller than me! I even saw women who were the same height as me! I NEVER thought I would see that, yet I saw around 7 or 8 women in one day! Hell, I thought I was only going to run into a few guys that were the same height as I was. I WAS WRONG!

So now I’m not so sure that 6’1″ is really that tall. Yes I was taller than a lot of people, but there were sure a lot more guys as tall or taller than I expected. I just can’t believe I actually saw women just as tall as I am! WOW! What a serious ego buster! I thought for sure I was taller than every women out there. I guess not.:(

I pray the population dose not get any taller than it already is! I don’t want to be just average amongst all the other guys. But I guess when 15 year old guys and women around your age are getting to be as tall as you you just don’t feel so special about you height anymore.

So is 6’1″ for a white guy not considered «really tall» after all?


nah that’s like the average height for a white male

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