WOW weird ever seen this ?

Posted on Июнь 14, 2009. Filed under: wow |


at least their are a lot of real pre registered AKC dogs that actually look like their breed on here and some that really do show their dogs none of which were the ones above


Ok, the pup that is supposedly 3/4 Corgi doesn’t look a darn thing like a Corgi at all.

The rat terrier ad is just sad- did you read the part about the 6 month old dog that also needs a home? Who wants to bet that was the unwanted member of that female’s previous litter and she was bred 2 consecutive heats?

As for the ACHC, here’s their «website» (looks like a child put it together…)

Sad, sad times we live in.

Edit: Here’s some from my city’s hall of shame.…

A «breeder pair» of Papillons that a) are spelled wrong, and b), neither of them are anywhere near breeding quality.…

$900 for mutt puppies that «don’t shed». Hah.…

Ok, I’d like to think she showed a puppy pic to be cute, but sadly I think this person actually wants to «stud» a puppy prior to neutering it. Wow.…

Holy. F’ing. Crap. Could there be a dumber person on earth?…

Another puppy breeder… wants to stud a 6-7 month old puppy that will be «fully mature» in a month. Ummm… no?


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