Will we ever be together???? (wow it’s really long but i need help!!!)?

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I’ve known this guy since we were in preschool. We became best friends and eventually our families bonded because of that and my parents, my two little sisters, and i are really close to him, his parents, and his little brother. we’re all sort of like one family.

When we were little, he sort of liked me, in a childish way. but then he started to go out with my friends and my sister’s friends, and now i think we’re just friends. But i’m confused. sometimes, he acts like he likes me, like the time he asked me if he could touch my —— . but then sometimes i feel like he’s my older brother. and sometimes i feel like he’s flirting. and sometimes i feel like we’re just friends. sometimes i even feel like he likes my sister!! (which is outrageous, because she’s younger than him, and i think she’s sort of not that great looking and rude, and i can’t figure out why he would like her). we go on all these trips together with our families, and once, when we were in bermuda, we were on the beach and he put his arm around my shoulders while he pointed out a star. once we stayed up talking all night until five in the morning, and i feel like physically he was always trying to be really close to me. when i’m reading on my bed or something, he’ll lie down next to me. but then at other times he acts totally distant, and he’ll be texting his friends on his iphone like constantly.

and i don’t even know how i feel!! sometimes i feel like i like the brotherly thing, and then sometimes i feel jealous of the girls he likes….i’m worried sometimes that i’ll have to watch him get married to someone else when we’re older and that i might not ever be as close to him…and yet sometimes i like being friends. i don’t get it!! once i said, «i’m so fat» and he told me i wasn’t, which is a compliment, right?

we were walking through the woods on a ski trip with his brother and my sister, at night, and my sister and i were hooking arms, and just to see what he would do i was like, «i need someone on my other side, i’m scared.» and he came up and we walked with our arms linked for like half an hour…

so to summarize, sometimes i feel like he likes me. sometimes i feel like he’s my big brother. sometimes i feel jealous of his girlfriends. sometimes i feel like he likes both my sister and me. sometimes i feel like just having a guy friend is fine. Help!! i can’t decide what i feel!! i don’t know how he feels!! and i’m not about to go up and kiss him to see if he does, because i’m not like that….and i’m too embarrassed and afraid of rejection to just outright ask him…i don’t have a clue what he’s thinking or even what i’m thinking!! what’s up with that!?!?!??


Well, it sounds like you need to talk to him about this. Go up and say something like «Hey, I have a question, and please don’t let this hurt our friendship, but do you have any sort of feelings for me? Because sometimes it seems like your flirting and trying to be close to me, but then it doesn’t, and you are with other girls. And I am getting mixed signals. I’m sorry if this seems really out of the blue, I just need to know because I am really confused and I don’t know how to read you at all.»

I mean, you know him better, so say your own thing, but it should be something around those lines.

Me personally, people said I was a flirt. But I never realized it- maybe he doesn’t either, it may be he is just being him, and ‘him’ is flirty, just naturally without intent. But maybe not. He is really the only one who can answer this question.

Good luck, and I hope this helps.


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