What could have possibly happened, someone explain please?

Posted on Июнь 13, 2009. Filed under: wow |


Today I went into this store that I used to work at, and I saw a few old co-workers, one of which is a 40 year old lady, this lady upon seeing me she was like «OH MY GODDDD, LOOK AT YOUUUUUU!!!» I was surprised by the strong reaction, and so I asked her «What?» she goes on, «YOU GOT SOOOOOOOO… FAAAAAATTTT» with a genuine shocked expression and voice, and she goes on «AND YOUR FACE, WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR FACE??» and no one even tried to disagree with her. I was soooooo shocked and ready to cry right there

The thing is, I used to be… not the most healthy eater, and I was about 15 pounds overweight (While working at the store). After I left the store, I decided enough was enough, and so I adopted as healthy of a lifestyle as I could, and I work out at least 5 days a week, with a really healthy fruits, vegies, lean meats diet that averages about 1200-1500 a day (I plan on sticking with this for the rest of my life), I dropped 30 pounds, yeah I’m still a bit over the ideal weight, but I’m in the healthy range. And my face? I went out today with no makeup, but I have pretty good skin, and I was wearing one of those massive sunglasses that covered a-lot of my face and all you could see was like… two healing up pimples. Oh, and she used to tell me she thought I was fat then, so her thinking I’m even BIGGER now, wow…

What happened??? (and she knows me well, so it’s not like she forgot who I was)

(I didn’t want to say this, but, whatever, I’m 20, 5’8.5, 155, 29 inch waist, and working my way down to 130 pounds)


Just shake it off and let it go. Alot of people have distorted views of what a ‘skinny’ body type should look like (exemplified by the fact that you are indeed less weight than before and she never said anything).

Also, the fact that you have incorporated working out into your lifestyle (good for you!), means that in fact, your body has changed with added muscle mass (and no, more muscle does not make you look fat).

She may honestly think she’s helping you with her comments so just smile politely (hard I know) when you see her and joke that you’re a «work in progress». If she keeps up with her comments smile and tell her that you’d love to chat but have something/somewhere else to go that you «late for» 🙂

Good for you for adopting a healthy lifestyle!!!! Remember YOU are the one whose opinion of you counts!



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