Hair question! All stylists please look?

Posted on Июнь 11, 2009. Filed under: wow |


Ok, My hair is naturally kinda a weird color A combo of Brown w/ blonde with red highlights. But just a tint of red. but ALL NATURAL… I know weird right?. But pretty. I mean the color is ehh.. but my hair itself is really nice and according to others «beautiful and gorgeous». But anyways, I always get bored with my hair. Lately, because my hair Is a dirty blonde color. But more brown than blonde. I have just been going lighter and lighter but not like platinum. Well my sisters, and one of them being wow amazingly just PERFECT, well i look up to her a lot.. Anyways, she said she thought i would look good with more brown and red than blonde. she thinks the blonde just doesn’t fit me. And I can/can’t agree but i think ya know hey, why not try it? I am getting my hair done on the 17th and was thinking about doing that.But then my other sister said she thought it wouldn’t look good over the summer becaause of my old blonde highlights and that my hair might turn pink??? also because of the sun. I mean, i don’t care if it fades or what. but also remember, i wouldn’t go do it out of a box. i would get it done by my hair dresser. what do you think i should do??


i think you should try it out. i mean y not. do it and if it does start fading then go back n do the idea that ur other sister says…. by the time it starts to fade itl b time to redo ur hair anyways right?! but yeah go with the sister u look up to. her idea is cute.! good luck! and member to trim ur hair every 2-3 months for healthier more luxurious hair!




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