Do buy a new racquet or not to buy, that is the question.?

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I have been playing tennis since the last year of highschool (3.5 years ago). I am essentially self taught, though I had some help from a friend/coach, and a tennis friend along the way.

Only about the end of last summer, did I sort of figure something out — and fully this spring. I feel that I have figured out the exact mechanics of Federer’s forehand.

Don’t jump ahead, even though I am very confident that I got the motion down rather perfectly — my timing, accuracy, speed, and strength don’t compare to Federer at all; which means, sometimes, when i get all those things right on a hit, I go — wow i hit that, cool.

Ok, so to my question. I have essentially been playing, attempting to utilize the fed stroke, with my prince db800 more control tennis racquet for the past few months. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. My backhand was always terrible, and my serve not much better.

A few days ago, when I was practicing my serve with many many baskets of tennis balls, I broke my strings through a mis-hit. My stringer is currently out of town. So I had to wait to get my racquet restrung.

Meanwhile, after I served out 20 baskets of balls in the worst possible fashion, I looked up a bunch of slow mo videos of federer — and I saw all that I was doing wrong.

The next 2 days, and for only the next 2 days, I played with a friend using one of his many racquets. He gave me a few-year-old racquet that was much heavier than the db800. At first, I thought that I could never play my game with this heavy racquet. Then, like magic, all my federer-like strokes were perfect (in comparison to before) My backhand was on fire. My serve was like a line-seeking missile.

I though, having seen the slow mo vids and analyzing them, I figured «IT» out. I got my racquet restrung at some other place mainly because the strings broke on the racquet I was using (which happened to have been restrung about a year ago if not more with luxilon strings)

Today I played with my wonderful db800 that I have loved for so long. I could barely play. My serve was better than before, but much worse than with the heavy racquet. My forehand felt completely discombobulated. My backhand was more of a back-shank shot.

When I did hit in the sweet spot, the ball felt like it was bending the racquet every which way while applying a lot of force on my arm.

So, not I think i realized it. The added inertia of the heavy racquet, is what allows the fluid fully extended strokes of federer. When I used the same strokes using my lighter racquet, the racquet head accelerated forewards, sooner than necessary to hit the ball — so I always ended up slowing the racquet just to hit the ball where I wanted to.

The heavier racquet allowed me to hit with a lot of power, spin, and accuracy. It allowed me to apply a high fluid force. The same force which ended up acted on my lighter racquet as a force-necessary-to-lift-20-lbs would act on a pencil.

So, here is the problem. Do I accept that I need a heavy racquet to play my best, and get a heavy racquet such as the n6one (fed’s).

Or, should I just somehow get used to the wobbly uncontrolled feeling of my lighter racquet.?


i think you already have the answer. since you have dig it very deeply, i’d suggest keep the heavy racquet to maintain the feel. if you think the weight wear you out pretty quick, take some gym to improve your stamina and build some better muscles. some changes in stringing, perhaps? i’d combine the luxilon with some synthetic gut to make the string feels less harsh to your elbow. probably you want to try and tell your stringer to make a hybrid of luxilon mains and synthetic gut crosses. but that’s just me. that way you may avoid elbow tendon injuries.

hope this helps 🙂


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