What hairstyle should i get?

Posted on Июнь 9, 2009. Filed under: wow |


i have blonde hair that is suppperrrr thick. like trust me if u have ever felt my hair you would be like wow that is the thickest hair i have ever seen i am not joking. i hate it. cause it takes like two hours to straighten so i really want a haircut that will mke it less thick and poufy but easy to work with. my hair is really poufy when dry. when its wet its super curly. i dont know what hairstyle i should get please help. i have medium length hair.


i have the same kind of hair except mine is dark brown… whatever u do do not cut it short it will make the puffiness worse!! grow your hair out a little more then get nice medium to long layers, try thinning it out by your hairstylist every cut, get a really good shampoo and conditioner that will help some of the puffiness, unfortunate i dont think u can do anything about the time it takes for you to do your hair (straighten) on a good note when u get older us ladies with thick hair wont go bald or even tell if we are losing hair versus ladies with thin hair !!


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