Does he like me or not?

Posted on Июнь 7, 2009. Filed under: wow |


Hey =), I need some help. I think this guy likes me but I’m really not 100% sure. So if you have any tips on how to get him to like me or if you think he likes me please feel free to help me out.

Okay here is the story we have no classes together except one. Which kind of sucks because I’m totally into him. We have this one class together where the class does nothing. We sit together with one of my close friend that is a guy and anyother girl that I think likes him. So anyway, he always pokes me and touches me. And him and my friend always try to touch my upper body. He makes fun of me, but its like not a big deal because at the end he says im just kidding. He is always staring at me. And he looks at my pupils and says wow they are big. So hes looking at my eyes. He is begging me to tell him how many boys i kissed and how many i dated. He told me about a girlfriend from another town and i said oh and kinda looked sad and a couple days over he told me they broke up. And he came to my softball game and my moother over heard him tell his dad who I was.

First person to answer with a good answer get 10 points.


He likes you! Be sweet and flirty to him. Invite him to more games, and ask him to go to the pool or movies over the summer. Good luck!


^^answer mine please?


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