Which of these two jokes about Little Johnny do you prefer, and why?

Posted on Июнь 6, 2009. Filed under: wow |


1) Little Johnny in the rose garden.

Little Johnny was playing in the rose garden with his friend Bill.

Bill got a big thorn in his hand and started to cry uncontrollably. Johnny tried to console him. «There, there don’t cry Bill, I’ll ask Mum for a cup of cider so that you can put your finger in it.»

«Sob, will it, sob, make it, sob, better?»

«Well, I’ve heard my big sister say, every time she gets a big prick in her hand she always puts it in cider.»

2) Little Johnny’s sister has menstrual problems.

Little Johnny’s sister Janie had just started her periods and wasn’t feeling too well. The teacher told Johnny to escort her home then to come straight back.

They’re walking home and Johnny is feeling hard-done-by..

«It’s not fair, how can you stay at home and I have to go back?»

«Well, Johnny, I’m ill.»

«Ill??…you don’t look ill to me, you’re making it up.»

«No, really I’m bleeding.»

«Bleeding…I can’t see any blood…you’re telling lies.»

She took him into a field and showed him…

Johnny looked aghast and said……

«Wow…no wonder you’re bleeding,…someone’s cut your c*ck off!»


I like the second one. Can’t tell you why.


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