Does anyone else think Daisy of Love is Ridicules?

Posted on Июнь 4, 2009. Filed under: wow |


Ok, so usually I like reality shows, but Daisy of Love,might be the most ridicules show I have ever watched…and I cant even get that hour of my life back…they are all crazy, they can’t act (which is all it is), and Daisy is not that pretty…wow I just cant believe it….goes to show that ANYBODY can have their own show. Sorry for u Daisy lovers , I just had to put that out there… Does anyone else agree??..easy 10 points..I am just curious


I’m a reality tv show junkie but I HAD to stop watching this show. I can’t stand Daisy … the way she talks makes me want to drive nails into her throat… and that lip injection thing she’s got going on makes her look like Daisy Duck. She’s also rude and stupid.

And the guys are all gross losers. There is nothing on that show holding my attention.

Btw… being the reality tv junkie that I am, I have all of them on my myspace friends list just to read their blogs and bulletins… almost every single VH1 reality «celeb» is sending out bulletins by the truckload begging for people to write to VH1 to give them their own show. And I mean ALL of them. Everyone from Rock of Love…even Big John!!!! and everyone from I love Money, Charm School, Real Chance of Love, etc. etc. etc. They are all begging for their own shows. Sadly I bet some of them are going to get it! Anymore like Daisy of Love and my appetite for reality tv will officially be spoiled.

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