Anyone what do you think of this type of math? Algebraic Number Theory?

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I looked into this stuff, being confused, perplexed, puzzled, lost and so on. So, I was I’m wondering what anyone else thinks of this math. For those of you who find this math easy «Wow! You are some kind of sorcerer. (Peter Griffin)» In other words you are some kind of genius.


It is an incredibly useful and elegant branch of mathematics. You may have heard in school that there is no general equation in radicals to solve a quintic. The proof and reason lies in Galois theory, a branch of algebraic number theory which gives a very elegant interplay between field and group theory.

Another great field of algebraic number theory is in the study of cohomology groups which have a very interesting application to topology that allows you to classify complex structures that seem very different by simply analyzing their basic underlying algebraic structure.


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