My friends are not accepting that I have a girlfriend.?

Posted on Июнь 1, 2009. Filed under: wow |


I had been single for the last 2 years, and in my circle of close friends (were all guys) I was the one who would always hook up with random girls, and I was the one who would score at clubs, the rest would attempt, and fail.

I finally met the girl of my dreams, and am settling down, but these guys, that are supposed to be my closest friends are giving me a hard time.

I’m gonna talk mainly about one of them, who is supposed to be my BEST friend amongst them.

He is placing bets that I will cheat on her this month (shes away on vacation). He’s always getting annoyed if I mention that I miss her. I’m wearing a bracelet she gave me while shes gone, and because it’s a simple bracelet with a cross on it (im not religious but i wear it cause its from her) anyways he tells me «wow dude take that **** off» and things like that.

He’s telling other people that is sucks that I’m in love and that we can’t chase girls anymore (when he never ONCE scored with a girl, yes hes a 20 year old virgin). I’ve known him for 15 years, and I’m finding myself torn between putting up with it, and telling him to F*** off.

I’ve told him already that it bothers me, and he always says the same thing «dude, its just how I am man I make stupid comments» but I don’t think I should have to accept that.

Please help!!


You don’t have to accept that as his excuse, but you do have to accept him if you want to remain friends. I would just say «dude, I don’t want to hear it, or I’m leaving» If he doesn’t shut up and you actually leave then he’ll shut up real quick.

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