Question for Christians?

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Okay, you know how 1 Corinthians says that «love is not rude»

Well, you know how it’s considered a personal question to ask someone how much money they get paid? People say it’s rude to ask such a question.

Well, what if you ask someone where they work, and they say «Microsoft.» And then you ask them what they do and they say «I work with computer software.» And then you say, «Oh wow. You’ve got a good job. You probably get paid alot.» Then you just leave it at that.

You never asked them how much they get paid. You just simply made the comment, «You probably get paid alot.»

Is this considered rude? Would this be an unloving and unchristian thing to say?


«love is patient, love is kind» but kindness is not the same thing as politeness. the word «rude» in that verse is just the best word the english translators could come up with, but i think it’s really referring to acting selfishly by ignoring other people’s feelings.

i don’t think God calls us to be polite all the time. in fact, i think it’s bad to be worried about politeness because that’s trying to please people and not God. we’re not called to love people and God, we’re called to love people BECAUSE we love God.


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