I hate my friends there way to mean?

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my friends are really mean. i am the kinda girl that is nice and HATES to talk about people for no reason. my friends are mean as hell!

i hate them there, even mean to me!

i am 13. my friends always talk about people and are mean to me!

there is this ONE boy named teddy who i though was gay because he has no friends that are boys, but is my friend BUT IS SOOO MEAN TO ME

this is what he has done to me.

in art we have seats but he is at another seat talking to the person who always follows him around (but he talks about) and they are having a conversation rite in front of my face. so i know what is going on so i start talking. he says… » wow look whos being the third wheel? where haveing a conversation and you just but in! your stupid do you know what a third wheel is? well yea your being it go away!» he brings up the stupidest things and i lisen beacuse he wants me to and then when hes talking to the girl RIGHT there and i come in he calls me the third wheel and starts yelling at me!

then when i go to tell say somthing he just goes in front of every one, » i dont care KNOW ONE CARES!» when they do and when he makes them lisen to his stupid conversations! when WE DONT CARE! i hate it hes mean to every one! but friends with every one!

he calls me smart one and geniuse and weak WHEN HES THE ONE WHO CANT DO THREE PUSH UPS AND I CAN DO 30 he also calls me slow when im the fastes girl in the grade! i am sick of it what should i say to him next time he does that?!

and i HERD HIM SAY » i just love BUTING INTO PEOPLES CONVERSATIONS AND TALKING ALONG WITH THEM!» what the hell is wrong with him he said it to a group of people while he did it!

also what can i say when he talks about people?


Part of me just wants to say, he’s at that age (13) where he’s still very immature.

It was rude of him, no doubt, not to mention juvenile and mean.

How good of a friend is he? If he’s not that good of a friend, I would stop interacting with him. He doesn’t like someone worth your time.

It also sounds like he has some emotional and self-esteem problems. Has he always been treating you like this, or just after this recent blowup?

He sounds like a selfish person, who wants you to listen to him when he talks, but when you want or need someone to listen to you, he’s not returning the favor in kind.

For your sake, stop being his friend. If you have other friends like him, dump them, too. I know how having friends at that age is important, but if they’re like him, and just making you feel bad, it’d be better to have less friends.

As the saying goes, with friends like that, who needs enemies?

If he’s a close friend, I would ask him, why are you treating me so badly? It hurts my feelings when you treat me like that.

If he continues to act mean to you (whether in private, or in public) drop him as a friend.

Good luck, hope things work out for you.


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