Which WoW class is this most similar to?

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OK, from a roleplaying side of things, I am looking for a class that is similar to Aragorn in Lord of The Rings when he is known as the ranger. A character kind of like the knight with the hawk in King Arthur the Film.

Mysterious, quiet, calm, kept to himself, but when he feels a miscarriage of justice he moves swiftly through however many enemy protecting those needing protection then disappearing before they can thank him.

He is fearless, tireless moving towards his ultimate goal of redemption/revenge? maybe he lost someone dear to him. Whatever drives him to fight reluctantly.

Which class would be closest to that? Clearly a close handed fighter. I emphasize that although he is a dark, mysterious lone warrior, his heart is pure and he has been wronged, seeking redemption with his curved blade.

I know i have repeated myself, but am trying to put the image in your heads…




Paladin, definitely. A paladin is a sort of healer/DPS (Damage per second) class which is mainly used for PvP, but can also be very useful in PvE as a strong healer. As for race to choose, alliance Pallies are generally Dwarves or Humans. The only horde race which can be a paladin is a Blood Elf.

Hope this helps.

My level 65 Blood Elf Paladin.

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