Self conscious about weight?

Posted on Май 25, 2009. Filed under: wow |


why do people think that whenever someone is skinny that they try to be that way or something.. and whenever you’re like ‘no really i eat ALL the time.’ they don’t always seem to beleive you. because i mean trust me.. i’d like to gain weight and i eat all the time but i never gain anything. it just makes me so mad, people don’t seem to understand that not ALL skinny people have eating disorders.. and it doesn’t make us feel good when you comment on it all the time telling us where skinny. trust me, WE KNOW. you don’t go up to some fat person and tell them wow, your really fat. because thats rude.. but it doesn’t seem to be when you say it to a skinny person. who else agrees with me? (skinny average overweight whatever you are) who agrees that this does happen aloot.

i’m 5 foot 6 and i weigh around 110.

i eat like a horse and gain nothing, not my fault just how i am.

and the sad thing is i wouldn’t be so self conscious if people didn’t always have to bring it up.. i don’t know i just think its unfair to us.


Yeah I hear you. I was overweight during my younger years and I lost it over the years. When I see guys like you, I am filled with envy and hate. People like me have to work our *** off to stay fit and strong, but I know that it’s not your fault. I feel why you take it as an insult, but lets put it like this. Would you rather be fat or skinny?


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